Our objective is straight forward, provide tuition assistance for middle-income families to reduce the cost of a Catholic K-12 education for their children.  


Use the below worksheets to help determine your eligibility for middle income in your area. Because we know so many factors are at play to determine this please do not hesitate to reach out to either us or your school if you have any questions or concerns.

Middle-income is an often used term in our society.  There is no clear-cut definition, though.  At Growing Catholic Education, we believe defining middle-income is a complicated situation, and it must be tailored to each family.

Utilizing county-level components from the Department of Treasury and the Department of Agriculture, we have developed a ‘middle-income’ range unique to each school where our students attend.  Couple those components with specific family data, and it truly becomes middle-income relative to each family.

Our Mission

To provide financial assistance allowing middle-income families the choice of a Catholic-centered education for their family.


Location  –  Income  –  Family Size  –  Tuition Obligation