What Is Growing Catholic Education?

Catholic school financial aid for middle-income families. 

Our mission is to provide financial assistance allowing middle-income families the choice of a Catholic-centered education for their family.  Talk to parents, talk to schools, talk to parishes – the primary reason students are not attending Catholic school is money.

Growing Catholic Education is committed to helping reduce the cost burden of Catholic education for middle-income families.  Through these financial aid awards, we are committed to help make Catholic education affordable, accessible, and available.

Five questions are asked quite often, continue scrolling to find out more information.

Why The FOCUS On Catholic Education?

Catholic schools have played a vital role in our country’s education system since the Colonial era.  Focused on the values that parents look for in quality education – superior academics, faith formation, and service to others, Catholic schools have been an excellent choice for generations and will continue to provide a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment for years to come.

The founders of Growing Catholic Education view Catholic education as an integral part of building strong, faith-first families. They see a multigenerational impact – students can impact their parents and then students eventually becoming parents with families of their own. Our donors want to share the positive impact of Catholic education with others.

Catholic education has made a positive impact in our country since the Colonial era. 

Why ONLY Middle-Income Families?

Middle-income families are the first group to forgo Catholic education due to cost.  Most schools, parishes, and dioceses have financial aid programs in place to provide tuition assistance to low-income families. These programs rarely exist for middle-income families.  We believe that the cost of attendance should not be a deciding factor for a family to provide a Catholic education to their children.  We want to play our part.


Middle-income can have many different definitions. 

The federal government has a very clear-cut definition for low-income families.  Ask a hundred families to define ‘middle-income’ and there will be a hundred different answers.  Each family is different! 

Using county-level data tabulated by the United States Department of Agriculture and the cost of Catholic education in your area, we can determine a market-specific definition.  More detail can be found on the How It Works.

How MUCH is the Financial Aid?

Financial aid is at least $2,000 per year.  Our financial aid program is designed to help a student experience Catholic education throughout their K-12 years. Awards are $2,000 per year during the Kindergarten through 8th-grade years and then increase to $3,000 for 9th through 12th grade. 

Financial aid awards are paid directly to your school each month, in turn reducing your monthly tuition.


Up to $30,000 total aid for Catholic K-12 education.

What If We CHANGE Schools?

Stay in Catholic education and our financial aid moves with you.

Our financial aid awards are designed with the student and family in mind.  Family career decisions should not impact your ability to afford or access Catholic education. 

When relocation beckons, our financial aid awards move with you.  Remain in Catholic education, and we will work with your school to ensure your financial aid will continue.

Is the Financial Aid RENEWABLE?

Yes, financial aid is renewable.  It is our goal that once a student starts Catholic education, they continue through at least 12th grade, and the financial aid awards are designed as such.  Remain in Catholic education, continue to meet income guidelines, and remain in good financial standing with your school for a streamlined renewal process.

If, in any year, family income increases beyond our middle-income limits, the following school year with result in an award equal to 50% of the standard financial aid.  If family income continues beyond the middle-income limit for a 2nd year, the financial aid will cease.

Continue to meet the guidelines and financial aid is renewable through 12th grade.

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